TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K




Also called Crystal UHD, the Samsung TU8000 has got features that until recently were limited to the more expensive TVs from Samsung, such as an optimized mode for gaming and support for voice commands. We’ve been testing the 55-inch Samsung TU8000 for the past few weeks and will tell you all about it in the next few minutes. The design continues without much refinement in the materials, as usual in this price range, but the side and upper bezels are reduced, giving more immersion and focus to the content. Also, the TV is very thin, 6 inches thick, which makes a good first impression on the look. For those who have the TV in a cabinet, a nice feature is that there are channels on the back to hide the cables and eliminate the shortcomings that the wiring generates. A small included accessory allows you to connect the cables to one of the legs of the TV. It’s not about One Connect, a feature on Samsung’s more expensive TV that centralizes connections in an external box that helps with organization. In terms of connectivity, the ports are concentrated on the right side, with three HDMI, two USB, one Ethernet, optical audio output and TV-in input. I really like the Samsung remote control. It’s compact, has few buttons, and offers shortcuts to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Ambient Mode is one of Samsung’s entry-level software innovations, but the most important is the microphone for voice commands, thanks to the inclusion of Alexa. Because it is universal, you can use your TV remote control to control other devices, such as your cable TV box, you can change channels, access the program guide, and even change your cable box settings, eliminating unrest. Room. This is certainly the missed feature on other TVs in this range and it is good to see that Samsung wants to be different in this regard. This is certainly the characteristic that is most striking in other televisions of this range and it is good to see that Samsung wants to be different in this aspect.