Smart Tv Oled HDR 4K




The JZ1500 series OLED 4K TV is perfect for those who demand the best picture. The custom OLED display treats movies and subscription TV with the importance they deserve. Plus, you’ll feel part of the action thanks to the sound system with built-in subwoofer. Here. Now. Everyday life becomes cinematic. It’s not just about watching a movie, it’s about being charmed. Created by professional filmmakers, our OLED 4K TV delivers stunning visuals that literally take your breath away. Immersive 3D sound will awaken all your senses, giving the impression that you are on stage. All our technologies are designed to be exciting and inspiring, turning everyday life into a cinematic experience. Professional Edition Master HDR OLED and artificial intelligence HCX Pro processor – not all OLED 4K TVs are created equal. Our professional OLED 4K panel is made in Japan for exceptional brightness and contrast. At the same time, our artificially intelligent HCX Pro processor instantly analyzes the image and nuances for color accuracy, contrast and clarity to ensure top performance. Automatic Artificial Intelligence: Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, our premium TVs analyze the incoming signal and adjust the picture characteristics immediately. Automatic AI knows how to adjust settings for sports content, movie scenes and more, and sets them up without having to do anything. Sit back and enjoy the show.