BeoVision Contour




The excellent graphics and award-winning sound of OLED technology create the perfect environment to immerse yourself in your favorite movies, TV series and records. All-in-one home entertainment in a sleek minimalist design format. Eleven powerful units and arrows give rich and powerful sounds to our award-winning biosound stage technology. The integrated tri-channel solution with Dolby Atmos creates extraordinary performance, sharp for dialogue and full body for action scenes. Designed for flexibility and freedom of placement, the floor and wall mount options make the Beavision Contour the perfect choice for any room, whether kitchen or bedroom. Match your home decor and personalize your TV with different speaker fabrics and frame color options. Bang & Olufsen Design is based at Factory 5 in Schroeder, Denmark, a site of decades of committed craftsmanship and engineering expertise. The aluminum, which worked well in our technical laboratory, provides the frame for the Biovision Contour, a perfectly balanced product that does not compromise. LG’s new generation 48 ”LED displays provide real gameplay and experience including real black and color. Enjoy movies, TV series and music videos as their authors intended, along with recreating the original image of your home.